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Aluminium Venetians

By Luxaflex
  • Choice of colours
  • Privacy Control
  • Durability

Modern take on a classic

Luxaflex Aluminum Venetians offer a timeless, sleek look for any space. Their sleek and stylish design makes them a popular choice for contemporary interiors, providing a modern take on a classic window covering. Made from high-quality materials, these venetians are built to last and are easy to clean and maintain. With their adjustable slats, they provide complete control over light and privacy, allowing you to create the perfect environment for any room.

Available in a range of colors and finishes, Luxaflex Aluminum Venetians can be customized to match any interior decor style. Their lightweight and durable construction makes them an excellent choice for high-traffic areas, providing an ideal solution for both residential and commercial spaces. Choose Luxaflex Aluminum Venetians for a window covering solution that offers both style and functionality.

We pride ourselves on our commitment to quality and excellence. Each of our Aluminum Venetians is made to the highest standards, ensuring that they provide long-lasting, reliable performance for years to come. Our extensive range of colors and finishes allows you to customize your window coverings to match any aesthetic, from bold and dramatic to subtle and understated. With Luxaflex Aluminum Venetians, you can enjoy the perfect blend of form and function, providing an exceptional window covering solution that is both beautiful and practical

Light Control

Providing maximum control and flexibility of light and privacy, Luxaflex Venetian Blinds also assist with ventilation and temperature control to meet your needs. Adjust the level of natural sun light entering the room with a simple open and close movement of the slat. When closed, slats provide a 5mm overlap for enhanced blockout and insulation.

Durability & Easy Maintenance

Luxaflex Aluminium Venetian slats are made from a special and flexible high tensile “bounce back” aluminium for enhanced durability. Featuring a superior coating, the Venetian slats are resistant to abrasion, peeling, scratching, dulling and discoloration for low-maintenance and longevity.

Control and Design Options

Control and Design Options


Combines modern design with maximum lighting and privacy control. Available with the 25mm Standard Venetian Blinds, the Duo-Flex operation allows you to control the top and bottom section of the blind separately for ultimate flexibility and control comfort. Tilt the top section open to filter light into the room and close the bottom slats for privacy.


Featuring a lift cord and tilt wand, rotate the wand to precisely tilt the slats to any desired angle or into a fully closed position. Use the cord mechanism to either raise or lower the blind. The unique clutch system prevents damage to the tilt mechanism caused by over-winding the tilt wand.


Luxaflex Aluminium Venetian Blinds are available with a slimline 25mm slat in a range of traditional and modern colours. Slats are seamlessly colour coordinated with the hardware system for a premium interior aesthetic.


The 25mm Twi-Nighter Venetian Blind is designed to eliminate light passing through the route holes in the Venetian slats. When slats are closed, the route holes of the Twi-Nighter blind are concealed, minimising incoming light through the Venetian for enhanced blockout and light control


The 25mm Magnaview Aluminium Venetian design provides an enhanced view through to the outside by creating a ‘double view’ through the blind. The improved view through is created when the slats are tilted open, and every alternate slat invisibly connects to the slat above, increasing the view through each slat.

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