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06 Jun 2024

Dream Home, Week 2


Week 2: Life-Changing Transformations and Breathtaking Reveals

The Dream Home Australia journey continues, and this week's episodes have been nothing short of a wild ride. As the contestants dive deeper into their renovations, the competition heats up, delivering a perfect blend of drama, creativity, and awe-inspiring transformations. This week's episodes revealed the first two renovated houses, with each space receiving a mix of praise and critique from the judges.

A Rollercoaster of Emotions and Transformations

In the Northcote home, Hannah and Jonny's lounge room was commended for being a calm and serene space for the family, enhanced by Luxaflex® Curtain Sheers. These sheers added both softness and privacy while allowing natural light to flow into the heart of this special home. The fireplace served as a luxurious focal point, elevating the overall ambiance of the space. 

The bathroom, tackled by Taeler & Elle, left the judges blown away with its exquisite wow factors. In the bedroom, the judges admired the restored heritage ceiling row, accentuated by Luxaflex Curtains in a neutral Amadora Silver White. These blockout curtains not only offered an elegant touch but also provided excellent light control and insulation, creating a perfect sleeping environment. 

However, the secret doorway into the bathroom fell short due to a lack of seals and acoustic proofing, affecting its functionality. Jacinta and Jordan's kitchen boasted a practical layout, but the dining area lacked design elements and creativity.

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Meanwhile, in the Watsonia home, Lara and Peter's living room was praised for being inviting, thanks to the elegant addition of Luxaflex Curtain Sheers and Duettes. The Luxaflex Curtain Sheers allowed natural light to filter through while maintaining privacy, and the Luxaflex Duette Shades provided excellent insulation and light control, creating a cozy space in the plan.

The bedroom featured an eye-catching high ceiling and a unique curved wall, adding a distinctive architectural element that set the room apart. Luxaflex Curtains complemented the design, offering complete darkness for restful sleep and reducing outside noise.

Brad and Mel's bedroom showcased a warm palette, creating a welcoming atmosphere. However, their bathroom seemed outdated in comparison, lacking the modern touches seen elsewhere in the home.

The real showstopper was Rhys and Liam's kitchen. The judges described it as an amazing knockout, close to perfection. The space featured a winning combination of Luxaflex Duette Shades and Luxaflex Curtain Sheers, layered together to create a functional and stylish ambiance. The Duette Shades provided superior energy efficiency, while the sheer curtains added a soft elegance and allowed for versatile light management. 

The dining area, anchored under the bright ceiling, was also enhanced with Luxaflex window furnishings, creating a seamless flow between the kitchen and dining spaces. "The dining table, anchored under the bright ceiling, was very well-designed," said Lana, highlighting the thoughtful integration of design elements and functionality.

Dedication, Luxury, and the Promise of More

Despite the challenges, the contestants' dedication to creating stunning spaces shone through. Lara and Peter's Scandi-inspired facade earned them a financial boost, while Brad and Mel's overspending on their master bedroom and Rhys and Liam’s open plan bathroom design led to critiques from Dr. Chris Brown.

As the competition progressed, illness, injury, and controversial decisions tested the contestants' resilience. Brad and Mel's choice to skip the study frustrated other teams, while Taeler and Elle clashed with a builder over access to Brad and Mel's Northcote home.

As we eagerly await the complete reveal of the houses, one thing is clear: Dream Home Australia is more than just a renovation show. It's a testament to the power of creativity, resilience, and the pursuit of the perfect forever home. With Luxaflex by their side, these talented contestants are transforming houses into masterpieces, one room at a time. Stay tuned for more drama, more inspiration, and more breathtaking reveals as the competition continues to unfold!

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