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28 Jul 2023

Selling Houses Australia - S15 EP 9


Mary and Tom are hard-working parents of three grown children. After saving for many years, while both working at a supermarket, they finally purchased their two-storey dream home in the Sydney suburb of Roselands.

Eight years on, however, they needed to sell. Mary was diagnosed with a degenerative disease that affects her mobility, and their dream house was becoming too difficult for her to manage and move about in.  

The couple were hoping to sell and downsize, so they could find something more suitable for Mary with retirement on the horizon.  

Yet, despite being on the market for over a year, their house was passed in at auction—failing to reach their target price of $1.4 million. With solid bones, a generous floorplan and a great location, the home had plenty going for it. Yet its style was stuck in the 1990s, with beige décor, tired carpets, and a gloomy, concrete backyard.  

Eager to sell to provide a more comfortable life for Mary, the couple called in the Selling Houses Australia team to help.  

A welcoming new living space

Mary and Tom’s house had good bones, but needed some practical updates to its layout. It was also calling out for some warmth and softness in its styling.  

Opting for a sophisticated black and white Parisian theme, Wendy and the team started by painting the walls, and installing new timber flooring in the kitchen, living and dining areas—to replace the cold tiles throughout.  

A room near the front entrance was transformed into a dedicated TV room, making the open plan area at the back of the house a family-friendly living area.  

New window coverings were also used to bring style and sophistication to the interior spaces – while providing all-important privacy.   

Luxaflex® Duette® Shades were installed in Reception fabric and Oxford colour. These innovative blinds trap air within their unique honeycomb cells—helping keep interiors warmer in winter and cooler in summer. These blinds also have a soft, sophisticated look that worked perfectly with the Parisian theme.  

Luxaflex® LumiShades® were also added in Standard fabric and White colour. These shades combine a vertical blind with a soft shade. They’re made from 100% polyester, are highly durable and fade resistant, and offer UV protection – preventing interiors from fading. 

A sleek, new kitchen

The kitchen, despite being the heart of the home, was missing warmth and personality. The existing benchtops were replaced with a luxurious veined marble, and the cupboards were painted in white and black. Dark grey appliances were added, as was a new sink, cabinet handles and tapware.

A revitalised exterior

Tom and Mary’s home lacked street appeal, and the front and rear areas were drab and uninviting. The purple trim on the front façade was also drawing attention for all the wrong reasons.  

Dennis addressed this with a new paint job, some fresh plants, and the removal of around 1,000 paving tiles to make it more enticing to families.  

Turf was laid, and a new entertaining area with an impressive sculpture, was added to the garden.  

Welcoming new bedrooms

The bedrooms of this home were also transformed, especially the master bedroom, where Wendy created a feature wall with timber batons in an art-deco inspired pattern.  

Luxaflex® Pirouette® Shadings were used in the bedroom, in Satin fabric and Magnolia colour.  

“I want to enhance this room without scarifying anything, and these Luxaflex Pirouette Shadings can be fully opened for a complete view, adjusted for a softer view, or closed for complete privacy,” says Wendy.  

In the other bedrooms, Luxaflex® Roller Blinds® were added in Avesta fabric and Angel colour. Practical and durable, these blinds are a great option in bedrooms.

Ready for sale

With the renovation of their family home complete, Mary and Tom put their home back on the market and sold for $1.35 million, which will help fund their new life together.

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