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03 May 2023

Selling in the City - Season 1


Luxaflex window coverings help breathe new life into old homes on Selling in the City

The Luxaflex Team is proud to partner with a range of well-known interior designers and stylists to bring their renovation and re-build projects to life. Recently, we worked with the team at Selling in the City. to provide window coverings for eight homes as part of unique renovation projects. 

In each episode, designers Rosie Morley and Paddy Milne work to understand exactly what potential buyers are looking for, as well as the local area, and provide a targeted renovation that aims to increase the home’s market value. Here’s how Luxaflex Window Coverings played a role in each:

Episode #1: Fitzroy

While property in the popular suburb of Fitzroy is usually in high demand, buyers are also discerning and willing to pay more for a property that ticks all the boxes in terms of style and location. 

Former professional basketballer, Brett Wheeler (Wheels), bought a two-bedroom apartment in Fitzroy over 20 years ago, when he was at the peak of his basketball career. With a vast floorplan, and in a unique heritage-listed building––formerly the Champion Hotel––it was a great place to crash when he was in town, and in close proximity to great bars and restaurants. 

However, since retiring from basketball, Wheels has devoted his time to working in remote Aboriginal communities, promoting health and sports. He was keen to sell his inner-city apartment, so he had more capacity to focus on his work in the Top End. 

While previously valued at $1 million, Wheels was prepared to invest $125,000 money in the renovation and was hoping for a sale price of $1.2 million.

Rosie and Patty worked to bring this tired and dated apartment into the present in a way that reflected the building’s heritage. This included adding some rich colours and 1920s inspired curved surfaces throughout, as well as glamorous ‘breakout’ spaces that added depth and scale to the apartment. 

In keeping with this new, sophisticated look, the team added Luxaflex® Pirouette® Shadings (in Satin fabric and Magnolia colour) to a new cocktail area, which boasts beautiful original stained-glass windows. When open, the sheer backing of the shades provides a clear view of the windows and allows light to flow into the interiors. When closed, they block out light from the street outside, and can also provide all-important thermal control for this sunlight-drenched space. 

The team also incorporated Luxaflex® Duette® Shades in Reception fabric and Oxford colour, to provide a stylish touch, and to help with thermal control in this large apartment. Luxaflex® Curtains in Abre fabric and Froth colour were also used to soften the interiors and provide a sophisticated element. PowerView motorisation was used for all window coverings – enabling the owners to control their opening/closing with the touch of a button. 

When the renovation was complete, the team called in three expert agents to provide an updated valuation – which came out at an impressive $1.4 to $1.5 million. 

Wheels was thrilled with this new estimate, and what it would mean for his move north. 

Episode #2: Woolloongabba

When Leah and Andrew moved to the Brisbane suburb of Woolloongabba, it was nothing like the bustling and vibrant place it is now. The couple initially chose this suburb for its quiet and relaxed atmosphere – purchasing a cute, two-bedroom worker’s cottage in a great location. 

As the suburb has grown in popularity, Leah and Andrew suddenly found themselves hemmed-in and overshadowed—quite literally— when a huge apartment block was built just behind their property.  

The couple decided to sell and move somewhere that suited their preference for a quieter life. However, the valuation they received on their current property of $900,000 wasn’t going to be enough to make the move comfortably. They were prepared to chip in $60,000 towards a renovation, with the aim of securing a new valuation upwards of $1.2 million. 

Little had been done to the cottage over the years, and it still had an outdoor bathroom that was in desperate need of renovation, a dated kitchen, and mismatched interiors. The home also lacked a decent outdoor entertaining area. 

Rosie and Patty worked together to completely transform this humble cottage, installing a new bathroom and kitchen and making the interiors far more modern and appealing. 

The biggest transformation was of the home’s exterior, where they essentially created an enclosed outdoor room using white Luxaflex® Adjustable Trinidad Awnings. These metal louvre awnings are extremely effective for providing privacy, light control and airflow for balconies and external windows. A wraparound daybed added to the appeal of this new outdoor space. 

The team also gave the back yard a much-needed facelift—installing a shade screen, and a curved firepit area, inspired by the shapes of the nearby Gabba sporting stadium. 

Leah and Andrew were thrilled when, at the end of this transformation, their humble cottage received a revised valuation of $1.3 million – enabling them to leave behind the hustle and bustle and live out their dream of a quieter life.

Episode #3: Newtown

For Sam and Simon, a faux Victorian terrace in the vibrant inner-city suburb of Newtown in Sydney was always going to be their ‘forever home’, until they found themselves with a toddler and a baby on the way. 

Realising they wanted more space and room to move, they decided to relocate to the NSW Southern Highlands—though doing so comfortably required them getting a good price on their existing home. Though already valued at $1.5 million, the couple were hoping for $1.7 million, and called on the team at Selling in the City for some much-needed help.   

Rosie and Paddy took to the streets of Newtown to uncover what gives this lively suburb its character – finding inspiration in the city’s bars, clubs, drag shows and colourful diversity. They then embarked on a renovation that would bring this terrace to life – fusing the old and the new to create impact, style and a real sense of artistic luxury. 

The small, bland back yard was stripped back and turned into a lush garden, with plants, new paving, a water feature, and a mirrored back wall which created an impressive illusion of depth. 

On the inside, the entire space was given a makeover —with a glamorous new kitchen and bathroom, dark luxurious tones, built-in cabinetry, and statement lighting and artwork.  

Luxaflex® LumiShade® Window Coverings were used to control the flow of light —in Luxury fabric and Cotton colour. These shades combine the versatility of a vertical blind with the elegant appeal of a soft window furnishing. Featuring the premium Luxaflex® EDGE Vertical Track system, they offer a perfect balance of style, durability and child safety.

Sam and Simon were delighted to receive a new valuation on their home of between $1.7 and $1.75 post the renovation, making their relocation dream possible.  

Episode #4: Richmond

Tom and Rhyl live in the inner-city suburb of Richmond, in Melbourne. Recently married, they’re keen to start a family and have a dream of finding a larger three-bedroom home with a back yard and room for young children. 

However, to upgrade within Richmond, they are going to need a lot more cash than their unrenovated cottage will currently fetch— estimated to be between $1.2 and $1.4 million. Their dream valuation is $1.7 million, and the couple are prepared to invest $140,000 with the Selling in the City team to make it a reality. 

Set at the cul-de-sac end of a quiet, tree-lined street with decent-sized bedrooms, a Victorian frontage and a larger-than-average back yard, Tom and Rhyl’s property already has a lot going for it. However, the back section of the house was clunky and had an awkward layout. The TV/lounge area was also very compact and had a bathroom and laundry area running directly off the living area.   

To lift this home’s value, Rosie and Paddy had to implement a new design and layout that would stand out from the pack and propel it into the ranks of Richmond’s finest entertainers. 

Luxaflex® Pirouette® Shadings were added to the bedrooms, in Linen fabric and Magnolia colour, to provide privacy, sophistication and thermal control. These shadings feature softly contoured; front-facing fabric vanes attached to a single sheer backing. During opening and closing, the vanes move in tandem for a fluid, graceful effect. Three-dimensional fabric vanes provide a striking and uniform interior look whilst softly filtering sunlight and providing privacy. The shades also have PowerView® Motorisation, so can be controlled with the touch of a button, even when the owners aren’t home. 

The biggest priority was the home’s bland living area – so the team moved the existing bathroom and created an entirely new kitchen and lounge area. They also added a new ensuite bathroom to the largest bedroom and transformed the exterior – adding a pizza oven, array of lush plants, and a new outdoor table. 

Following this very dramatic renovation, Tom and Rhyl were very happy to meet their goals, with a revised price valuation of between $1.6 and $1.7 million. 

Episode #5: South Melbourne

Nat bought a two-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment in South Melbourne back in 2012. She was young, single, and travelled a lot for work. But times have changed, and Nat now wants to lay down some roots outside of the city with her partner Sheldon. However, she needs maximum return on her apartment to do so. 

Currently valued at $680,000, the couple are keen to raise the value of their inner-city apartment to $820,000 or higher and are prepared to chip in $50,000 to make it happen. 

The apartment, situated in the former Dunlop Tyre Factory, has a cool, industrial feel from the outside. On the inside, it had several positives – a great outdoor terrace, plenty of natural light, and soaring ceilings in the entry space. However, the spaces were cramped, and the fittings and furnishings were all dated and lacking in personality.    

Targeting the young, stylish professional market, the team set about transforming Nat’s apartment into a fresh, modern ‘gallery’ space – with a display wall of plants and several interesting and unique pieces of artwork – including an incredible Bonsai tree. 

Luxaflex® Curtains were used to wrap around the living space, making it feel less elongated and more luxurious and comforting. 

The bathrooms were completely re-invented and modernised, with a living green wall in the master. The entire space was given a fresh, modern and artistic feel. 

Nat and Sheldon were thrilled when, post renovation, their apartment received a revised valuation of between $800,000 and $880,000. 

Episode #6: Marrickville

While Jess and Ben love their two-bedroom semi-attached home in Marrickville, it had become a little too small for their growing family.  With a three-year-old son, dog, and another baby on the way, they were keen to sell and move to a quieter and less expensive area on the south coast. However, the existing valuation of their property – between $1.5 and $1.6 million— didn’t quite give them the capital they would need to buy their dream home elsewhere. 

Jess and Ben met with Rosie and Patty to discuss transforming their home with a budget of $45,000— and an aim of securing a new valuation of $1.7 million. 

Their home was a typical Victorian semi, with two good-sized bedrooms at the front, a bathroom in the middle, and an open plan living/dining space in the rear. The home was already in great condition, though the bathroom was dated and took up a lot of space. There was also a large rear courtyard with an existing office/studio which had great potential. 

Rosie and Paddy embarked on a renovation focused on updating the bathroom, refreshing the already decent kitchen, and giving the courtyard a lift. Taking inspiration from Marrickville’s cultural heritage, the aim was to transform Jess and Ben’s home into a Mediterranean-inspired artists’ escape.

They chose Luxaflex® Curtains in Byron fabric, Pure White colour and with manual wand operation. 

They also chose Luxaflex® Duette® Shades in Reception fabric and Oxford colour and Ultraglide® operation for the rear doors. These provide a stylish look without blocking the view to the rear —emitting a dappled light, and their unique cell-based design helps with thermal control. 

With a revised price guide of between $1.65 and $1.7 million, Jess and Ben are now ready to start their new life with a bigger home down south.

Episode #7: Kingsford

When Mali’s dad passed away, she inherited a large family home in the central Sydney suburb of Kingsford. Though the home was rich in memories for Mali, she made the decision to sell so she could split the profit with her mother and two siblings. 

 Though large with high ceilings and plenty of natural light, the home was also run-down and in desperate need of a renovation. It also had a large back yard—though this was overgrown and under-utilised, with an array of different surfaces. 

The home was previously valued at $1.95 million, and Mali was prepared to chip in $60,000 with the hope of securing a new valuation of $2.3 million. 

After exploring Kingsford and its surrounds, Rosie and Patty were determined to make this a premium family home— incorporating the outdoor lifestyle and amenities of Sydney’s eastern suburbs. 

Their first step was to paint the home inside and out, giving it an entirely new, fresh look. This coat of paint, combined with new fittings and furniture, instantly elevated the look of the bedrooms. 

A new, high-end kitchen with neutral tones was also installed, with an overall emphasis on creating a visual connection to the new, kid-friendly back yard. 

The back yard was stripped back to its ‘bare bones’ and re-built using as many of the original plants as possible, grass, turf, outdoor furniture, and sleek new pavers. 

In the living room, a spectacular green hanging lounge was used to create a seamless connection with the outdoor space.  

The team also chose to install Luxaflex® Duette® shades in Elan fabric – with Blockout opacity in Daisy White colour for the bedroom, and Translucent fabric in Birch Bark fabric for the living area. Both shades were installed with Ultraglide operation.

Luxaflex® Silhouette® Shadings were also used in the living space, in Originale fabric and Feather Fantasy colour, with Ultraglide operation.

With their signature S-Vanes, these shadings combine elegance with functional design that allows you to harness and beautifully diffuse natural light to your exact preference.

Mali was overwhelmed with the renovation of this very special home, and with the new valuation it received of $2.35 - $2.5 million.  

Episode #8: Leichardt

Scott and Meghann have lived in their two-bedroom Victorian cottage in Leichardt—in Sydney’s inner west— for 14 years. Having spent most of this time renovating their home in dribs and drabs, they eventually became overwhelmed with the task at hand, and were keen to sell and move to a new, larger property.   

Their home was in good condition, with lovely natural light, levelling, and a welcoming living area. However, it lacked sophistication and a cohesive style throughout. The kitchen and bathrooms were also a little tired and in need of a consistent update.  

So, Scott and Meghann called on Rosie and Patty to bring their ‘fixer-upper’ into the present.

The home was previously valued at $1.5 million, and Scott and Meghann were prepared to put $90,000 towards the renovation—hoping to attain a ‘dream’ valuation of between $1.7 and $1.8 million. 

With Leichardt’s significant Italian heritage and nickname of “little Italy”, it made sense for Rosie and Paddy to turn this home into a “romantic Italian villa”. 

Rosie and Patty decided to keep the structure of the home as it was – though flipped the bedrooms, moving the master to the front of the home. 

Rustic, deep colours—reminiscent of Italian villas—were used throughout, to give the home character and depth. Luxaflex® Pirouette® Shadings in Shanting Fabric and Ming Porcelain and White Jade colour were also added, to add style and sophistication. These shades include softly curved horizontal fabric vanes that are linked to a sheer backdrop for improved light and privacy control.

Previously, the kitchen had an awkward shape and wonky cupboards. The team implemented a new kitchen that would appeal to a family buyer, and an over-sized island bench that’s more conducive to entertaining. 

The bathroom/laundry was crammed with chaos. Rosie and Patty paired this room back and wrapped the walls in terrazzo-inspired tiles, to evoke the luxury of a Roman bathhouse.  

The living room was already one of the best assets of the home, so it was given a light makeover to improve the connection with the outdoors. Luxaflex® Silhouette® Shadings in Originale fabric, and in Linen Flirt colour, were used to allow the owners to control the flow of light from the outside. 

The rear courtyard was also transformed – with a pizza oven, re-aligned seating, a terraced garden bed, and a gorgeous stone table. 

The couple were delighted to receive a revised valuation of $1.8 to $1.9 million. 

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